Sunday, February 06, 2005

My First Superbowl!

It's early in the day and my adopted parents are already talking about this big event tonight called the Superbowl. My puppy brain immediately started to envision a super, giant bowl of dog treats! And that sounded just fine to me. Why wait until tonight? Bring it!

So then mommy takes me to the dog park to chase and be chased by Molly and Porter (very cool Beagles) among other pooches. At full tilt, my short Corgi legs can give Miss Molly a good run, but then I can't help myself. Just when she thinks she's ahead, I rev up just past her and herd her off to the side! Sometimes she just hops right over me...I think I'm in love.

Back home, I sprawl out on the kitchen floor and enjoy my rawhide and contemplate just how super big this superbowl is going to be! Yummy treats in mega-proportions!! Oh, yeah.

Waiting for my first Superbowl!

Then mommy brings out this Buccaneers bandana and ties it around my neck - maybe it's a big bib for all those treats...? She tells me the Buccaneers won the superbowl a few years before I was born, but I can't remember. Lucky dogs.

Until my superbowl arrives, I'll just drift off and dream of all those goodies in that super, big bowl!