Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Thrill of the Kill

Our adopted parents have this strange illuminated screen they sit and stare at rather intently while their fore-paws are tapping away at a keyboard. How completely boring. Especially, when they could be busy doing things of infinitely higher importance.

Such as a tummy rub for me…or a good scratch behind the ears…followed by a tummy rub (I’m flexible!). I nudge them with my nose, even roll on my back, but a quick pat on the head is all I get. So, I leave and return with one of my many projects: a squeak toy that is in need of a good de-squeaking.

You see, Rosie and I have power chompers. That’s right, we are uniquely qualified in this talent. We can fix the squeaking problem of most any toy; plastic or stuffed. If it squeaks, our power chompers are primed and ready at a moments notice to thrash, tug, chew and pull apart every part of that toy to get to the problem causing the squeak and remove it.

No matter how tough the toy or how much it resists, we always get our squeaker. Mommy must appreciate our precisely honed skill as she is always bringing home more of these intact toys in dire need of disemboweling. In fact, there’s only one thing that feels better than ripping the stuffing out of our victim (for medical reasons only, of course!). That’s right!

It’s the thrill of the kill!