Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas from Guinness & Rosie

Thanksgiving is over and boy was it yummy
With big bites of turkey that filled up our tummy!
With Uncle Greg, Cousin Tango and Daddy we played
We ran and we rooed, then we called it a day!

The best part of Christmas is the late morning snooze,
In a big bed with mommy and daddy and Roo,
Under blankets and pillows the Roo and I dream
Of huge slabs of turkey and sautéed green beans!

So if your holidays seem to race by like a blur
And your invites all start with Dear Madam or Sir,
No matter how formal the dress codes may hail,
As Pembrokes, remember for us there’s no tails!

Have a very Corgi Christmas and a Pawsperous New Year!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Party Animals

When Rosie and I hopped in the backseat for a ride, little did we know mommy was taking us to a big dog party! There were dogs everywhere and the only thing I could surmise is that they were here to see me because of my puppy super powers and to meet the Diva Roo in person. This kind of thing happens all the time.

We were busy greeting everyone with a nose to nose ‘hello’ when we discovered a unique benefit to partying with the big dogs; Rosie and I could cruise by being all cool and catch a sniff with nothing more than a casual turn of our snouts!

But, the best part was the dog treats...they were everywhere! Me and the Roo scarfed down as many crunchy pup-munchies as we could get and the liver treats were yummy enough to make us smack our chops…Snap!
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Mom says it was a fundraiser for the SPCA. All I have to say is it was one fur-tastic soiree!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rain, Rain...Go Away!

The Roo is back! Guinness is doing his doga stretches so this Diva Roo decided to take matters in to her own paws.

It's summertime and hot. When we go to the DP (mom's code for dog park), we bark and paw at the gate until it opens...then the race is on! A fence chase with the big dogs is always riveting. But, in the summertime, three or four chases is all we can manage until we have to gulp down some water and find a shady spot in the dirt to plop down.

Lately, right around prime duck herding hour, it starts to rain. Big "roo" on THAT. Mommy seems quite happy with the rain for the grass and stuff. But I ask you; what about the ducks? So every afternoon, I lay by the FDTV (front door television) and stare out at the drops of water eating away at my chase time and wonder...where are the ducks?
Surely they miss me as much as I miss them. I have a turbo charged 4 speed quadro-ped engine just waiting for some action! When I'm at full tilt, my bunny-butt can compete with the best of them! And when we marshal the lakeside, no fowl dares hesitate.

So I chew on my bone and wait. Then the rain stops. Snap! Let the herding begin!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Thrill of the Kill

Our adopted parents have this strange illuminated screen they sit and stare at rather intently while their fore-paws are tapping away at a keyboard. How completely boring. Especially, when they could be busy doing things of infinitely higher importance.

Such as a tummy rub for me…or a good scratch behind the ears…followed by a tummy rub (I’m flexible!). I nudge them with my nose, even roll on my back, but a quick pat on the head is all I get. So, I leave and return with one of my many projects: a squeak toy that is in need of a good de-squeaking.

You see, Rosie and I have power chompers. That’s right, we are uniquely qualified in this talent. We can fix the squeaking problem of most any toy; plastic or stuffed. If it squeaks, our power chompers are primed and ready at a moments notice to thrash, tug, chew and pull apart every part of that toy to get to the problem causing the squeak and remove it.

No matter how tough the toy or how much it resists, we always get our squeaker. Mommy must appreciate our precisely honed skill as she is always bringing home more of these intact toys in dire need of disemboweling. In fact, there’s only one thing that feels better than ripping the stuffing out of our victim (for medical reasons only, of course!). That’s right!

It’s the thrill of the kill!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Roo Speaks

Guinness agreed that it was time that I addressed my fans and friends out there. I am known, of course as the Diva Dog, the Golden Roo Child, and the Drama Queen...and I'm cute, too! Now, you may get the impression that I'm the impetuous little sister that likes to lay in wait to ambush my unsuspecting big brother and take his toys, etc.…and that’s kinda true.

Except…well, there’s so much more to it than that!

Why be only one dimensional when it comes to picking on your big brother? I’m talking strategy and being sneaky and stuff like that. Like waiting until Guinness is sprawled out in one of his big puppy stretches and he’s trying to look irresistible for mommy or daddy…then, like a tiger, I come racing out of nowhere and pounce right on his belly! ROO!

Or, if Guinness is showing off by using his super puppy powers to fly and catch the Frisbee, I’ll be waiting for him to nip his furry little bottom when he lands, then try to take ownership of the Frisbee!

Oh, and by the way taking his stuff is one thing…charming my way in to keeping his stuff, is just brilliant, don’t you think?

Of course, he doesn't always appreciate my sense of humor, but there’s usually a good round of puppy smackdown that follows any of my pranks, so my ornery and frequently spirited attitude of play has its mutual rewards.

All in all though, Guinness is my best bud in the whole world. We hunt squirrels, herd ducks and sniff dead lizards together...all activities mommy and daddy refuse to partake in.

Here’s a ROO out to everyone reading this blog!

I’ll be back!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog naps are one of the true perks in the canine kingdom. The real trick is to always keep one eye kinda open in case something interesting happens...like a people food morsel drops to the floor or your little sister tries to sneak up on you for a surprise attack. These are things you should always be prepared for, naps notwithstanding.

I think the Roo is dreaming of licking out that last bit of her peanut butter Kong. There's nothing like a yummy treat and then a good long nap. She likes to cuddle with daddy every chance she gets, too.

I like a good cuddle, too but not for too long. I have super puppy powers to think about and I can't risk getting my cape all wrinkly and stuff.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Honeymoon Island

I have this theory. When Daddy and Mommy tell us they are leaving for 'work', that must be like a dog park for humans! Yep. They probably go and chase Frisbees and roll on the ground all day long. Then we get to go with them on the weekends. Of course, the other possibility is that they are really going to the groomers for a bath....ugh! What a horrible thought...a bath every day!? Perish the thought!

The other morning, Rosie and I went for a ride to the dog park...or so we thought! Daddy and Mommy were chatting away and before we knew it, we were there...but there wasn't there...it was here and here was somewhere completely different!

Then we saw our cousin, Casey and oh, boy the fun started right away! We strolled through the park area taking in all the dog sniffs we could get away with and met lots of other canines. Then, we snarfed up treats and sported our totally cool bandanas for the Humane Society.

But the most awesome part was the beach. This was a first for Casey, Rosie and me. When Daddy showed me what looked like dreaded bath water coming to take us all away...I barked at it until it retreated, then walked away knowing I had saved the world once again.

It came back.

At that point, I was determined to become it's nemesis, which would require my full super puppy power skills and the official unfurling of my cape to conquer this relentless adversary.

Of course, while I was wrestling with my rival, Rosie and Casey enjoyed a good game of chase. Then Daddy played Frisbee with all of us and we reveled in the sand until we dropped.

Rosie fell asleep on the way home. She and the rest of the world can sleep blissfully, now that the threat of the evil beach water has been vanquished.
It's called Honeymoon Island, but we call it a puppy's paradise!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Brush with the Fairy-Dogmother

Rosie demonstrating the power of FDTV

One day last week, while the Roo was watching FDTV (Front Door Television) and I was sprawled out on my back in my classic doga pose, "Share It With The World"; mommy was rummaging about in some box that seemed rather important to her.

Without warning, she snapped out this baggie clearly labeled, "Rosie's Puppy Teeth".

Well. Let me tell you. Thank goodness Rosie can't read, yet. I thought, self, be cool and no harm done. Right?

But, no. Mommy then proceeds to proudly display her find and announce to daddy that Rosie's baby teeth were so much smaller than mine. Duh?

By now, Rosie's attention had been diverted from the FDTV and she is now cocking her little head clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then back again - all the while staring at the baggie.

Rosie wondering what prize mommy has found!

The Fairy-Dogmother is a serious right of passage for all puppies. I remember mommy taking every tooth as Rosie lost them, placing them under Rosie's pillow at night and the hyper-Roo actually stayed really still and slept all night so that in the morning...the Fairy-Dogmother would leave a dog biscuit in place of the puppy tooth.

Oh, sure, she'd take her biscuit and parade around and show off; but it was hers and she earned it.

Damage Control Alert!!! I knew I had to do something, and quick!

I immediately sprang into action and quickly nosed her ear with one of her favorite tug toys and she took off after me - we enjoyed a puppy smack down until mommy started digging in to some other box. Whew. Another bullet dodged.

Me giving Rosie a "pre-smackdown" distraction

The Fairy-Dogmother's tail should be preserved.