Monday, November 28, 2005

Mini-Me...or SHE?

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like you were looking at a mirror of yourself? You have? Really? Well, I can't say that I have. But listen to this...the other day mommy comes in from work and daddy isn't with her. WHAT? No frisbee time!? So not cool. Mom throws like a girl. Big surprise there. In situations like skip the Frisbee and go for a treat. Mom's a softie.

After the Roo and I sumptously feasted on our kibble and had a good round of puppy smack down (for mommy's entertainment, of course), daddy came home...with HER! When I beheld Casey's perky ears, mascara rimmed blue eyes and nubby tail, it was dogbreath-taking! Who was this mysterious canine creature of lovliness that looked just like...a mini-me!?

Me with Rosie and Casey with her parents
(my Uncle and Auntie) David and Bridget

Oh, no! Casey's a SHE! Well, being the debonaire dog of wonder that I am, I introduced myself with a quick sniff to her tiny, fluffy Corgi behind. But, before I could proceed you know who (the ROO!) shoves her little face in there between me and my subject du jour, grabs a good whiff and proceeds to take over!

How RUDE! But, Casey seemed to love it! I couldn't believe it. Rosie even took her from room to room showing her all MY toys (like they belong to her!). Then they played Rosie's favorite game "catch me if you can" and little Casey raced as fast as her short legs could carry her! Mommy was saying it's Rosie's motherly instincts, but I say she's just a glory hound.

Casey and Me acting cool with the Glory "Roo" Hound

Before the night was over, Casey and I did mingle a bit, compared notes and then she fell asleep in the same puppy bed I had when I was her age. She looked so peaceful.

Casey taking a snooze in my old puppy bed

We were sad when she went home with her adopted parents. But, some day I'm going to reveal my true identity as the Super Power Pup and show her my cape and all.

Some day.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Just a Waft is all We Ask

When Rosie and I take mommy for a walk by the lake, she doesn't always seem to fully appreciate the time it takes for us to thoroughly sniff the grass, trees and other odd and sometimes smelly and/or damp items we happen to discover.

At a moments notice, I can burrow my snout so deep in the right spot in the grass and take a deep whiff...ahhhh...but it's not long before I'm being shoved aside by the "Roo" and my find has now gone public.

Ah, but for that brief moment, it was all mine.

And the lake has all these ducks that need to be herded. It's the wildest coincidence that Rosie and I happen to be the smallest of the herding breed! When I see those feathered upstarts feasting about on crumbs, I feel emboldened by my calling and chase them back to the water where they belong...mission accomplished.

Me with my Protege...a Duck chase is in the offing!

Then, there's a roster of canines that have registered with individual trees that must be reviewed. Sniff. Review. Sniff. Of course, I must add my signature of approval. This is an important part of my job as a dog with superpowers. Being a girl, Rosie doesn't get to add her signature, but she can sniff and wish.

Can you believe that sometimes mommy starts pulling on our leash like what I'm doing is not essentially significant to the peaceful coexistence of man and beast worldwide? I hope she remembers this the next time mommy sniffs a tree or dead lizard or some other delightfully putrid substance.