Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Brush with the Fairy-Dogmother

Rosie demonstrating the power of FDTV

One day last week, while the Roo was watching FDTV (Front Door Television) and I was sprawled out on my back in my classic doga pose, "Share It With The World"; mommy was rummaging about in some box that seemed rather important to her.

Without warning, she snapped out this baggie clearly labeled, "Rosie's Puppy Teeth".

Well. Let me tell you. Thank goodness Rosie can't read, yet. I thought, self, be cool and no harm done. Right?

But, no. Mommy then proceeds to proudly display her find and announce to daddy that Rosie's baby teeth were so much smaller than mine. Duh?

By now, Rosie's attention had been diverted from the FDTV and she is now cocking her little head clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then back again - all the while staring at the baggie.

Rosie wondering what prize mommy has found!

The Fairy-Dogmother is a serious right of passage for all puppies. I remember mommy taking every tooth as Rosie lost them, placing them under Rosie's pillow at night and the hyper-Roo actually stayed really still and slept all night so that in the morning...the Fairy-Dogmother would leave a dog biscuit in place of the puppy tooth.

Oh, sure, she'd take her biscuit and parade around and show off; but it was hers and she earned it.

Damage Control Alert!!! I knew I had to do something, and quick!

I immediately sprang into action and quickly nosed her ear with one of her favorite tug toys and she took off after me - we enjoyed a puppy smack down until mommy started digging in to some other box. Whew. Another bullet dodged.

Me giving Rosie a "pre-smackdown" distraction

The Fairy-Dogmother's tail should be preserved.