Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas from Guinness & Rosie

Thanksgiving is over and boy was it yummy
With big bites of turkey that filled up our tummy!
With Uncle Greg, Cousin Tango and Daddy we played
We ran and we rooed, then we called it a day!

The best part of Christmas is the late morning snooze,
In a big bed with mommy and daddy and Roo,
Under blankets and pillows the Roo and I dream
Of huge slabs of turkey and sautéed green beans!

So if your holidays seem to race by like a blur
And your invites all start with Dear Madam or Sir,
No matter how formal the dress codes may hail,
As Pembrokes, remember for us there’s no tails!

Have a very Corgi Christmas and a Pawsperous New Year!