Wednesday, November 04, 2009

No Morsel Left Behind

as printed in the Spring 2009 edition of The New Barker

It all started one day when I was nosing around the sofa and a faint waft of some long lost crumb caught the attention of my highly calibrated SONAR (Sniff Out Num-nums And Recover) system. Not wanting to risk my find going public, I immediately shoved my snout as far as I could between the seat cushions in search of that elusive morsel. Darn it, those seat cushions are deep! So, I resorted to the next best thing. Long, deep snorts. Snort! Ahhhh. Snort! Things were going fine until daddy made me stop.

Then and there, I knew there was no shame in trolling for treats and by no means should any morsel, no matter how small, ever be left behind. Morsel-mania was born; I had a mission!

Then there is that kibble mystery; one moment it’s there and then suddenly…it’s gone! Who knows where it went!? I had a bite of yummy but then the bowl is empty just like that. Oh, I’ve pawed at my bowl and even nosed it around the house to see if the kibble might re-appear, but it never has. What’s most amazing is this happens all the time and when I look up from my suddenly empty bowl, mommy acts like everything is cool.

But, she does that about other stuff, too. Do you know that she doesn't even lick out her own bowl? and daddy's just as bad! Unbelievable, right? All that goodness wasted. Rosie and I savor those occasions when they'll let us do the lip smacking honor of cleaning their plates and bowls. And while Rosie has this speed-lick technique happening, I wield a torqued up, power swiper that can out-lick the best of them, paws down!

Just remember, you can be minding your own dog-business, nose to the ground, when a coveted piece of broccoli or carrot tidbit will drop right in front of you. The one second snag and scarf dogma rule says, ‘if you can snag said tidbit and scarf it down a second before mommy…or your sister can get to you…it’s all yours’!

Mission accomplished my fur friend!