Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Guinness & Rosie Barkalutions

Guinness and Rosie share with you their dreams of achievement from the bottom of their Canine-American doghearts for the coming year.


2007 will be the year I catch the big one…a duck, that is. Yep. Before I herd it back to the lake I’ll use my super puppy powers to crouch low, sneak up and snag him! I’m not sure what I plan to do with the duck once I have him; probably just ruffle his feathers and let him go. You know, most fowl have no sense of humor. Either way, it’s going to be fun for me!


I’ve got huge plans for this year; I’m going to grow up big and climb trees. Guinness can sniff and read his tree-mail all he wants and judging by the number of tree-mail accounts he has all over the place, I'd say he’s pretty pawpular. Nope, my interest is in tracking one of those snarky squirrels right up in to the tree itself! They're always running around stealing stuff and scrambling up out of reach. Now, I like my petrified frog and my nearly dead limping lizard; but my goal is to get a pet squirrel to chase around by the lakeside. Who knows? Maybe we could even have a squirrel tossing contest…those bushy tails have to be good for something!?

Together, we wish you tummy rubs every morning and a dog treat on your puppy pillow every night. May you enjoy the very best in 2007.