Sunday, March 06, 2005

My First Barkday!

Did you know that birthdays are a big deal? Like I'm talkin' treats and toys - this is serious stuff! It was early (like "the sky is still dark" early) and my adopted parents woke me up singing this birthday song and sounding all happy. I just acted all cool waiting to see what it all meant!

Well, aside from a strongly protested bath (a dog should smell like a dog is what I say!), I had a fun evening getting all kinds of hooman treats like cheese and...well, CHEESE! Let's face it. This is the ultimate in treats. I can barely contain myself just catching a whiff of the stuff!

Then Saturday, Miss Hilary gave me a very cool squeek toy for my birthday gift - she understands what a dog really wants.

Miss Hilary gave me the
coolest squeek toy

Then my cousin Tango came by with his adopted parents and we had a full on Barkday Party going on!!! Daddy played frisbee with us then Tango and I romped all over the house. After that, we had ice cream and I got all kinds of very cool gifts from my godparents and my adopted parents, too! Yummies and toys - what more could a boy want?

I will say that the birthday hat bit is going too far. Please. It is NOT cool and is only intended to make us look silly. Yeah, Tango and I put up with it for a few seconds but then we just had to put our paws down. I'm sorry, but this is going TOO far.

Tango and I in birthday hats -
Who's brilliant Idea was THIS?

Every day I'm busy saving the world with my super puppy powers and I'm still trying to conquer that darn doorstop! Besides, that hat does NOT go with my cape.