Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Roo Speaks

Guinness agreed that it was time that I addressed my fans and friends out there. I am known, of course as the Diva Dog, the Golden Roo Child, and the Drama Queen...and I'm cute, too! Now, you may get the impression that I'm the impetuous little sister that likes to lay in wait to ambush my unsuspecting big brother and take his toys, etc.…and that’s kinda true.

Except…well, there’s so much more to it than that!

Why be only one dimensional when it comes to picking on your big brother? I’m talking strategy and being sneaky and stuff like that. Like waiting until Guinness is sprawled out in one of his big puppy stretches and he’s trying to look irresistible for mommy or daddy…then, like a tiger, I come racing out of nowhere and pounce right on his belly! ROO!

Or, if Guinness is showing off by using his super puppy powers to fly and catch the Frisbee, I’ll be waiting for him to nip his furry little bottom when he lands, then try to take ownership of the Frisbee!

Oh, and by the way taking his stuff is one thing…charming my way in to keeping his stuff, is just brilliant, don’t you think?

Of course, he doesn't always appreciate my sense of humor, but there’s usually a good round of puppy smackdown that follows any of my pranks, so my ornery and frequently spirited attitude of play has its mutual rewards.

All in all though, Guinness is my best bud in the whole world. We hunt squirrels, herd ducks and sniff dead lizards together...all activities mommy and daddy refuse to partake in.

Here’s a ROO out to everyone reading this blog!

I’ll be back!