Sunday, October 03, 2004

Rawhide Heaven

Right now, I am as close to puppy nervana as one can get. It's new! It's rawhide. Where have you been all my puppy life?

I love my rawhide treats!

Oh sure, when mommy first brought this home, I wasn't sure if it was a toy or a treat. (Sometimes it's just hard to tell the difference.) So, when she asked if I wanted it, of course, I said 'yes'. Rule #1 for ALL puppies: never, ever turn down something new. It may be super yummy and if it isn't, just sniff it and walk away.

Back to me. So, I tell mom that I would be most pleased to accept her offer and then proceed to do the piddly stuff that makes her happy (sit, down and roll over, etc.), then she happily gives me rawhide and I'm on my own to figure it out. First I sniffed it. Interesting. So, then I tossed this foreign object in the air. Ker-plunk! I just stared at it.


Then I ran around with it and taunted daddy because I know he really wants it for himself. He chased me all over the house until I wore him out. Finally, I decided to just chew on it. BINGO!

Who would have known that something so tough could be so wonderful?


CarO said...

why do you have a site for your dog???
that's kinda creepy

Guinness said...

My dear little CarO (like the syrup?):
I believe you may be confused. What makes you think I HAVE a dog? My name is Guinness and I AM a dog. And I LIKE creepy things like worms and bugs...try and keep up, okay? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am a dog, but I have no blog. I am jealous. whenever my mommy sees me on the computer, I get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna agree with the creepy... disturbingly creepy. You may want to consult a doctor of some sort.