Friday, December 17, 2004

Giving Thanks Puppy Style!

A curious event happened in my world. One night mommy and daddy took me to my Uncle Greg's house for something they call Thanksgiving. Do you know, there were so many people there, obviously just to see me. In fact, I spent quite awhile just greeting everyone individually. And if all those people weren't enough, they had tables laden with delicious treats for me, too. The odd part was everyone was eating all this yummy stuff except for me.

So there I was. Mingling and chatting up the guests. Being the consummate gentlepup and all the while, no yummy treats that I could get my paws on... at least, not yet. Enter my Uncle Greg. Now here's a guy who understands a puppy should not live on kibble alone. (mommy and daddy - that's a hint!)

Me with my Uncle Greg

Back to me. Above the din, I hear my name. I round the corner and there he is. My Uncle Greg and he's waving the biggest piece of turkey I've ever seen right in front of my cold, wet nose. (OK, this is the first piece of turkey I've ever seen this close!). Needless to say, he had my full attention. Daddy protests about my diet (diet? what's that?), but my Uncle Greg prevails and I gobble up the morsel in delight. This happened more than once that night...shhhhhhhh!

I truly love my Uncle Greg. And Thanksgiving.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guinness

I'm a 7 and a half month old Cairn Terrier in England and I love your site! I am about to discover the delights of turkey today as we're going to relations and apparently I get to "help" Uncle N carve the turkey! Yeah! You should see the B-I-G rawhide chew I got for Christmas, it is bigger than me. I can't wait to start it, but Mum says I have to eat my dinner first (no real problem there). Aren't humans weird? Most of the time I'm told off if I eat paper or card, but Mum asked me to "sign" a card by putting teethmarks on it - go figure...

Happy Christmas and lots of treats - your friend, Fitz