Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Honeymoon Island

I have this theory. When Daddy and Mommy tell us they are leaving for 'work', that must be like a dog park for humans! Yep. They probably go and chase Frisbees and roll on the ground all day long. Then we get to go with them on the weekends. Of course, the other possibility is that they are really going to the groomers for a bath....ugh! What a horrible thought...a bath every day!? Perish the thought!

The other morning, Rosie and I went for a ride to the dog park...or so we thought! Daddy and Mommy were chatting away and before we knew it, we were there...but there wasn't was here and here was somewhere completely different!

Then we saw our cousin, Casey and oh, boy the fun started right away! We strolled through the park area taking in all the dog sniffs we could get away with and met lots of other canines. Then, we snarfed up treats and sported our totally cool bandanas for the Humane Society.

But the most awesome part was the beach. This was a first for Casey, Rosie and me. When Daddy showed me what looked like dreaded bath water coming to take us all away...I barked at it until it retreated, then walked away knowing I had saved the world once again.

It came back.

At that point, I was determined to become it's nemesis, which would require my full super puppy power skills and the official unfurling of my cape to conquer this relentless adversary.

Of course, while I was wrestling with my rival, Rosie and Casey enjoyed a good game of chase. Then Daddy played Frisbee with all of us and we reveled in the sand until we dropped.

Rosie fell asleep on the way home. She and the rest of the world can sleep blissfully, now that the threat of the evil beach water has been vanquished.
It's called Honeymoon Island, but we call it a puppy's paradise!

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