Saturday, October 20, 2007

2007 SPCA Paws on Parade Petwalk

Dog costume parties are so long as the big G and me are only there as spectators! Roo! Of course, we were already stylin' in these rockin' red SPCA Paws on Parade Petwalk bandanas. We nosed up so many pawsome pooches and were quite impressed with all the decked out dogs ready to compete for best Halloween duds!

Three Roos to everyone who was there and all who support the SPCA!


tina said...

Yay! That looks like a super lot of fun, Rosie and Guinness!

Debbie Ebeyer said...

Hi Rosie & Guinness!!

Long time no speak. Everything is swell here in Indiana & I hope you are taking care of business where you are as I know you are.

Merry Christmas to you both as well as your Mom & Dad.

your friends,
Debbie Ebeyer, Yogi boo boo Bear, Buddy the silly shih tzu & Gypsy the barking beagle.

Mackenzie said...

Hey! Mrs. Martin! It is Mackenzie! I wrote some new blogs on my website!! I hope you like them!! Bye!

Antonia said...

Great work, Rosie & Guinness! More non-profits could benefit from clever marketing like you two are doing!

Garfield said...

Nice photos.... remembered me of my dog. Just love him & got a wonderful gift for him at Only Natural Pets.

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Richard Laplante said...

Someone needs to dress up as "Super Dog"

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