Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Gross Misconception

When I was taking mommy for her evening walk tonight, I took advantage of an opportune moment to slurp up some murky gutter water from the last few days of rain. What a find!

Mommy's immediate reaction was something less than thrilled. In fact, she acted like she was disgusted! I know it's hard to believe, but there she was giving my collar a firm pull and saying "ICKY!" (code word for "that may be yummy to you, but you can't have it.") This also seems to apply to bird poop, my poop, worms and bugs (dead or alive), and to any stray item or interesting smelling gooey mass to which I may encounter and want to stake claim.

As we resumed our walk, she continued her maternal opinion of my tastes by saying, "you just can't enjoy a walk unless you try to eat or drink something gross, can you?".

Mom, I am a puppy and a boy.
Gross comes with the package.


Anonymous said...

You really shouldn't eat your own poop, even if you are a dog. It makes your breath smell nasty, and it's not very filling.
Worms and bugs, on the other hand, are a treat - any time and anywhere!

Guinness said...

You are correct. Less filling...TASTES GREAT!