Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Holding Pattern

Have you ever been gnawing contentedly on your favorite bacon nylabone, thoroughly enjoying the moment, savoring the texture and flavor of a finely crafted dog bone, when you suddenly find yourself being airlifted? No warning. No chance to run and hide.

These giant arms materialize and lock under your furbod and you are quickly separated from your bacon bone, the floor, the savoring and gnawing...this is not a pleasant situation. Mom, especially is guilty of this irrational behaviour. For shame.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting on her lap, leaning back and trying my best to give her that annoyed look that I just can't seem to perfect. She oohs and ahhs and wants to cuddle. UGH! I throw my head back and willfully look in the opposite direction. Why does she pick on me?

I've found the only bargaining chip that has any sway with her is to give her kisses on the face. This little appeasement is the surest way to find freedom from her clutches and return to my previous state of enjoyment.

She just loves it. Crazy woman.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Guinness - Your new blog design is better than ever! I have a question, though. What is a nylabone?

Guinness said...

Dear Anonymous:
A Nylabone is the most delectable, savory blend of crunch and flavor ever devised. One bone is good for several days of puppy chewing pleasure. (It had to have been invented by a dog.) Thanks for checking out my dog blog!