Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Double Trouble?

Last weekend I think my big adorable brown eyes were playing tricks on my puppy brain. My Uncle Greg and Auntie Cecy (also my god-parents) came over and brought me super yummy treats and cool toys, too! They are so awesome.

But then I caught eye of my cousin Tango and in a sudden furwind of excitement, we started romping through the house. Through the family room, the kitchen, the dining room...we wrestled and rolled until we were out of puppy breath.

That's when it happened. The doorbell rang and I dutifully barked to alert mommy and daddy that intruders had arrived. Do you know that they opened the door and just as I thought...intruders?! Oh, I tried to warn them, but my adopted parents don't know any better and they just let them in the house like they know them or something. hmmmph.

Then this duplicate Tango comes bouncing in and tackles Tango and off they go! Well, I didn't mean to be rude or anything, but I just stood there stunned. Come to find out this pretty lass was named Luna. Her and Tango were fun to play with...but two?...that looked so much alike? And they liked to gang up on me, too. But I could handle them with one paw behind my back.

Daddy and his brothers play
with Tango, Luna and me

I hope Luna will come back, she was a fun addition to puppy playtime. All day long, I thought I was seeing double. I kept blinking and blinking. Double is good. Double treats are better.

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