Sunday, January 09, 2005

My First New Year!

Here we go again. Loud things that go BOOM in the night. Why is a new year a big deal? Why? Doesn't it happen every year? So why make big scary noises to celebrate? Of course, I wasn't scared. Oh, no. I was hand fed cheese all night, so I have no complaints (and I wasn't afraid, either, okay?). No. I am only concerned for my other fur-brethren. That's all.

The next day I saw my trainers Miss Hillary and Miss Anna at PetSmart. They are so pretty. Mom says it's only puppy love (sigh).

Then, my Uncle Greg brought over my new cousin, Tango!

Me and Tango

He's a mini-Aussie puppy and we had rough and tumble fun all over the house! Tango ate my food and chewed on my dingo cane, but one thing he couldn't do...was jump on the sofa like me. I am superpup! Oh, he tried and tried, but he couldn't reach me as he watched in stunned amazement as my supercape unfurled in the wind.

Fluffy butts and nubby tails!

I do have one puppy resolution to make: to save mommy and daddy from the mailman, the band down the street and the invisible stuff only I can see, then turn on the irresistable charm for one never knows when a yummy treat is in the offing! Cheese is good. Paws Up!

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