Saturday, April 30, 2005

What's a Churr?

There are some weird noises I've heard in my puppy life; such as the vacuum cleaner, mommy's hair dryer and that game daddy plays on his computer.

But I've never before heard this sound that my little sister Rosie makes. When we’re running around playing with daddy, she’ll just stop, sit down, throw her head back and…churr! It’s this happy sound…and mommy and daddy start this ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over her, which is just not necessary, in my opinion.

I have sniffed her all over. More than once. So, I’m convinced she is not an alien even though she sounds like one when she does that churr sound.

(CLICK HERE to hear what Rosie's Churring sounds like!)

Rosie is my Frisbee Apprentice

So, now I’m teaching her new games, like Frisbee. I try not to use my super puppy powers to fly up and catch it, but there are times I am airborne and this just can’t be helped. Then there’s this tug of war with my toys…she even does this churr-growl!

Growl-Churring for my Toy!

And now she’s churring at me! She’s got my attention!

1 comment:

your friend, Debbie said...

Hmmm I just heard little Rosie's churr. Yes it's definately a "churr." I don't know why she does that but I think she's really happy.

You have such a nice Mommy & Daddy.

Just between us Guinness, I think your Daddy is a little kookie. But that's a good thing. :)