Tuesday, June 14, 2005

WWW Puppy Smackdown

Like any savvy pup, I enjoy a good bark, a yummy treat (or two!) and a good game of Frisbee. And don't even get me started on the art of beating other dogs to the tennis ball. What can I say? It's a gift.

I have recently developed a new entertainment package for mommy and daddy that includes Rosie. (Mommy started calling her "Rosie-Roo" and thinks it's just so cute. I need to have a talk with her because this is not cute. No, not all; just embarrassing.)

So maybe I had a little, bitty help from Rosie on this, but if you could see me in action, you'd know it really is all about me.

First, we wait until the adopted parents are relaxing in the front room, most likely reading or watching something on the big TV. Then, Rosie and I come tearing in with a toy and start this friendly neck-nip play...just petty stuff. Then, after we know we have their full attention, we start the WWW PUPPY SMACKDOWN! (The "WWW" stands for 'world wide web', or 'wild-eyed woof-woofs' - take your pick.)

This sport is quite simple. Just grab your challenger by the scruff of the neck and smack her down. I'll act all wimpy sometimes to make Rosie think she's superior... but then I rise up and give her a good smackdown where she's flipped on her back and acting all bothered about life. Ha.

Rosie taking a Smackdown!

Everybody knows I have puppy superpowers, but I actually hold back because my cape would really mess me up. After all, a true superhero can hold his cape.

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Anonymous said...

Like mother like daughter! You are certainly just alike. Angel does the same thing with Minnie.Minnie understands Guinness!
Love your mother's parents