Monday, August 01, 2005

Diva Dog

Daddy told me that Rosie's relatives are champions. Kind of like movie stars. They win all these cool trophies and people show up from all over the world to watch them in the show ring. So I guess Rosie comes by her little Diva Dog attitude honestly.

For instance, she has two crates. Actually one of them is mine, but she thinks it's hers. It's like she has her private little apartment in the laundry room and then the (my) penthouse out in the kitchen when she wants to see and be seen. It's not that I want to use it - I'm scared to death of the thing. But, she just hops in there anytime she pleases without so much of a care.

And what's worse is she snags my bacon bone when I'm not looking and retreats to MY crate where she knows I won't go to get it back. Oh yeah. And she hoards my favorite toys in there, too.

Diva Dog in (my) crate with (my) stuff!

I've tried barking and even whining at her to give my stuff back. But she just blinks those big, brown eyes at me like she thinks she's cute or something. Not.

Every so often, mom goes in and gets everything out of there and I quickly try and re-confiscate all that I can, but it's never long before Rosie eyes something of mine as she swaggers through the house and then it starts all over again.

One day I'm going to be a big dog and I will be able to to use my superdog-mind powers to get my stuff back. Until then, I'll just have to be at the top of my game and hope this little Diva Dog makes a mistake.