Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Rules of Engagement

There are certain rules that should be understood. Playing tug-a-war with Rosie and the fleece rope is pretty simple. I pull, she pulls, I pull harder, she growls and yanks; you get the idea. Not a game that requires a high IQ or much strategy. Just a good deal of stamina.

However, put mommy or daddy on the other end of that rope and everything changes. First of all, I'd like to state that this is MY rope that we're talking about here. (If you cannot appreciate the significance of that statement, please refer to the "Diva Dog" post, just previous.)

The ownership issue aside, it should be pointed out that a rope tug-a-war is a one-ended battle. I mean, really. How bad does mommy really want my toy? Now, Rosie's a different story. The little "Roo" (one of her many annoyingly cute nicknames - gag!), will throw down in the worst way to win control of the rope. She'll even lay across said rope to ensure I can't sneak in and reclaim it when she's taking one of her afternoon snoozes.

Oh yeah? Well, little "Roo", just so you know, the higher the chomp, the bigger the thrill! Oh sure, you can swing around for the ride if you want, but the real toss happens closest to daddy's paw. He's real big and strong and when he starts up the game, you'd better get a good grip and hang on! I've been personally known to go completely airborne to snag the highest point of clampage. Believe me, it's impressive to see.

LIVE webcam captures my incredible talent for all to see!

What worries me and keeps me up at night is the thought that what Rosie lacks in size, she'll make up for in sheer boldness! She doesn't care about the rules of engagement. Oh, no. Rosie believes in RULING the engagement!

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