Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rain, Rain...Go Away!

The Roo is back! Guinness is doing his doga stretches so this Diva Roo decided to take matters in to her own paws.

It's summertime and hot. When we go to the DP (mom's code for dog park), we bark and paw at the gate until it opens...then the race is on! A fence chase with the big dogs is always riveting. But, in the summertime, three or four chases is all we can manage until we have to gulp down some water and find a shady spot in the dirt to plop down.

Lately, right around prime duck herding hour, it starts to rain. Big "roo" on THAT. Mommy seems quite happy with the rain for the grass and stuff. But I ask you; what about the ducks? So every afternoon, I lay by the FDTV (front door television) and stare out at the drops of water eating away at my chase time and wonder...where are the ducks?
Surely they miss me as much as I miss them. I have a turbo charged 4 speed quadro-ped engine just waiting for some action! When I'm at full tilt, my bunny-butt can compete with the best of them! And when we marshal the lakeside, no fowl dares hesitate.

So I chew on my bone and wait. Then the rain stops. Snap! Let the herding begin!

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