Friday, November 10, 2006

Party Animals

When Rosie and I hopped in the backseat for a ride, little did we know mommy was taking us to a big dog party! There were dogs everywhere and the only thing I could surmise is that they were here to see me because of my puppy super powers and to meet the Diva Roo in person. This kind of thing happens all the time.

We were busy greeting everyone with a nose to nose ‘hello’ when we discovered a unique benefit to partying with the big dogs; Rosie and I could cruise by being all cool and catch a sniff with nothing more than a casual turn of our snouts!

But, the best part was the dog treats...they were everywhere! Me and the Roo scarfed down as many crunchy pup-munchies as we could get and the liver treats were yummy enough to make us smack our chops…Snap!
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Mom says it was a fundraiser for the SPCA. All I have to say is it was one fur-tastic soiree!

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